I Know Your God

Previously recorded by the Down East Boys.

Written by Matt Rankin

I may not know what you’re going through

And I don’t know your pain.

I don’t know the valley you walking

Or the mountain you’re facing again.

I’m not sure what you’re feeling

Or how rough this road is that you trod

And I don’t know your situation

But friend I know your God!


If you’ve been saved by the King of all glory

Then you have access to the throne.

If you’ve been adopted by the Prince of Peace

Then you are safe from all harm.

If you have been, born again,

And you’re covered by the blood.

I don’t need to know your problem

Because friend, I know you God!


Circumstances seem against you.

And nothing is going your way.

Doubt and fear fill your weary soul,

And those storm clouds darken your day.

Friend I may not know what you’re facing

Or the burden or the weight of your load

I don’t the size of  your problem.

But I know the size of your God.


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