I Will Run This Race


Written by Matt Rankin


Vs 1.

Many times I get so tired of this race I’m in

Even though I try so hard I feel there is no end

But I must go on, I must go on.

Many times I don’t have patience, I don’t have strength to run

And I feel like giving up, like giving in before I’m done

But I can’t quit, cause I’m gonna win.



Because Jesus is right beside me.

He will help me when I fall.

And I know Jesus will run beside me

All of the way.

All because of His grace, I will run this race.


Vs 2.

Though my life is filled with fear, and tears on my face

And I feel empty of all mercy and grace

I know I must go on, I must go on.

Everyday I strive to serve I try my best to give.

He gives me strength, and He gives me grace to live

So I’m gonna run, until my race is done



So I will run and not grow weary,

I will press toward the mark.

He will mount my feet with wings of eagles

I will not faint, I will run this race.


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