Two Perfect Hands

By Dixie and Sharon Phillips

I gambled on life                                                                                                                                                Lived with regrets

Played by my own rules

And hard to get.

But the King of Hearts

Gave me a grace card.

When two perfect hands

left Mercy’s mark.


Two perfect hands left Mercy’s mark on me.

When they dealt with my sin on Calvary

The hands holding the nails now hold me.

Since Two perfect hands left Mercy’s mark on me.

Verse 2

Satan stacked the deck

Made a Joker of me

I fell for his lies

and tricks up his sleeve.

But the King of Hearts

Changed the name of the game

When two perfect hands

Cheated the grave.


Now I play by the Book,

Not luck or skill

Because of the victory on Calvary’s hill.

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