Please Remember Me


Written by Matt Rankin



Two men, thieves and murderers, deserving their death

Sentenced to die in shame while they gasp for each dying breath

But between these two, the Holy one, the Messiah wrongly accused

And for these men’s transgressions He was beaten and bruised

Two men beside Jesus hanging condemned the same

Both with the opportunity to call on His blessed name

Two men crucified to die for sin they did commit

But only one of these two men’s sins Jesus did forgive



When He said Lord, I believe you are the Christ

You are the only one who can give new life

You are the Holy Lamb; you are the Great I Am

You are the Kings of Kings and the Lord of everything

When you enter into your kingdom,

Please remember me



The other man on the other cross mocked Him to scorn

But the believing man received His grace and became reborn

I too once hung in judgement on my cross of iniquity

But when I confessed that Jesus is Lord, He forgave even me!


Repeat Chorus


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