See Ya Over There

Previously recorded by Revelation.


Written by Matt Rankin


One of these days I’m going over yonder

To a land that God’s prepared for me.

I won’t be looking back, moving on,

To that land of sweet victory.

Now you may be sad when you see my body

Laid down in that grave.

But don’t you worry bout a thing when I die

For I know that my soul has been saved.


Well I’ll see you over there

All the glory we will share.

When I step on the streets of gold.

What a day that will be

When Jesus we see

In that land where we’ll never grow old.

When you get to that place

By His saving grace

No more sorrow and no more care.

But for now I’ll have to wait

To begin to celebrate,

But one day I’ll see you over there.


Now there is no doubt that I’m a gonna shout

When I get to see my Savior’s face.

There’ll be no more pain, there’ll be no more tears,

When I reach that great heavenly place.

My Lord will say well done, enter in my child

All of mine is now yours to share.

I’ll have a mansion my own, in my brand new home.

And I’m gonna see ya over there!!!


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