It’s Beulah Land


Israel is longing still for the peace that is promised by their Lord

Their desert sky is hot and dry, their stricken with violence and war

So we pray for a coming day believing by faith it can’t be long

For the holy land will be holy when Jesus has come to take his throne



Peace is dawning land of Abraham

The lion will lay down by the lamb

The kingdom is coming to Jerusalem

It’s the promise it’s Beulah Land



With the Lord the holy ones will arrive as a kingdom saved by grace

The pilgrim’s trip on Zion’s ship will find at last the perfect place

Where all is right as God’s delight becomes the country He had planned

Even Israel’s name will then be changed for that day we’ll call it Beulah Land



Words & Music

Phil Cross

Phil Cross Music/BMI / Chris White Music/BMI

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