Love of Christ


Once I heard the Spirit He was calling me / calling me He was calling me

I ran into the water and it set me free / the river was the love of Christ



Then I started living as a child of God /  child of God as a child of God

I cannot be defeated on this earthly sod / powered by the love of Christ


The love of Christ keeps me going on

The love of Christ takes me to my home

The love of Christ the love of Christ

It’s the unexplainable uncontainable wonderful love of Christ

I come into His presence and I lift my voice /  lift my voice yes I lift my voice
But ev’ry word to ev’ry song will still fall short / of the honor due the love of Christ



Soon I will be stepping through the gates of pearl /

gates of pearl through the gates of pearl
And there I’ll be reminded how I left this world / raptured by the love of Christ



It’s the unexplainable uncontainable

Unexplainable uncontainable

Unexplainable uncontainable

Wonderful love of Christ

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