Sowing The Good Seed


The incorruptible seed is the infallible Word
It bears fruit when it’s planted in fertile earth
When you’re sowing the seed some will fall by the way
The birds from the sky will come and take it away
These people listen, but they’re not receiving
They show up to be seen… Don’t be discouraged


Brother, keep on sowing the good seed
The fruit of the good seed will grow
Where good seed is found
Sister, keep on sowing the good seed
For some of the good seed will fall on good ground


In a field full of stone, no fruit can be grown
When the Word goes in one ear and out the other it’s gone
Many people are torn they’re being choked by the thorns
Life is squeezing their faith keeping them weary and worn

They get the good seed, but choose not to believe
And you can not make them change… Don’t be discouraged


Good ground is where the people are found
Who will live by the word, who will lay their life down
But they’re not left alone because the thorns and the stones

Are still there but they don’t care

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