His Grace Runs Deeper

Verse 1

A man buys a bottle to make it through the night.

A woman takes a job she knows isn’t right.

Then grace comes knocking on their door.

Offering them a second chance and so much more.



Grace runs deeper than the nails

That ran through His hands and feet.

Grace runs deeper than the spear

That pierced His side on Calvary.

Sin’s stains may be deep,

But there’s no place grace can’t reach.

Grace runs deeper than the sins

buried deep inside of  you and me.


Verse 2

A runaway can’t find his way back home.

A prisoner cries in his cell all alone.

Then grace appears on the scene

Offering forgiveness and a chance to be clean.



We can run far away, but we can never outrun grace.

We can run far away. There’s no mistake His grace won’t erase.

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