Giver Of The River

Verse I:

A guilty woman came to draw some water

Desperate for a drink to satisfy

The thirst that lived within her every hour

So deep within she found it hard to hide


Verse 2:

Then she met a Stranger at the well side

Who told her of a well that won’t run dry

He offered her a drink that was eternal

She ran into the town to testify



I’m glad I met the giver of the river

He was the Savior, I was a sinner

In a moment I was changed, born again delivered

I’m glad I met the giver of the river


Verse 3:

Like the woman at the well my heart was empty

Longing for a answer for my life

Until I found the spring of living water

Jesus Christ the Source that satisfies



He gave His life and from it flowed

Sweet redemption for my soul

He washed me white as snow

I want the world to know


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