Land Like That

VerseI: -C
Sitting on the porch on a warm, spring day Talking with my granny over cold lemonade
She was smiling as she told of a heavenly place Somewhere beyond the gloom of the grave

Verse II:
She said there’s no more night, no skies of grey It will be one glorious, eternal day
Where the angels sing and loved ones wait
And the beauty there will take your breath away

Chorus – F
I wanna live in a land like that
Leaving my troubles in the past
Finally home and free at last
Oh I wanna live forever in a land like that Don’t you wanna live forever in a land like that

Tag Oh I wanna live forever in a land like that

Verse III:
It’s no fairy tale no make believe
Heaven’s more real than you could ever dream
It’s a place of joy and perfect peace
And when you get there you won’t ever want to leave

No more sorrow, no more tears No more sickness, no more fears

Karen Gillespie, Rachel McCutcheon

Chris White Music / BMI / Asheville Music Publishing / BMI

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