Gerald Reeder

Asheville Music Publishing / BMI / Chris White Music / BMI


Life is just a vapor

First you’re born and then you’re old

And the things you do between the two

Is the story that gets told


Act one is when you crawl

Until you learn to drive

And you think you know it all

And you have forever in this life


Act two is when you’re married

With children of your own

And you wonder how you’ll pay

For the house, the braces and the broken bones

Ah but life goes on

And each day’s a little bit clearer

And the stories being told

By the man that’s in the mirror



The man in the mirror his life you can trace

By the story that’s told

Through the lines on his face

A reflection of life

That each day becomes clearer

And it’s all being told by the man in the mirror


Act three is when the kids are grown

And they’re having babies of their own

And you miss ‘em

And you wish that they would visit home

And you’re thinking about retiring

Cause your body aches you  know

Andy you’re scared that if you don’t

Well they’re just gonna let you go


Now the final act is here

And your race is nearly run

But your face it shows no fear

Because of faith in the son

And your families gathered round

As the curtain now is drawn

And you lay this body down

As your spirit moves on

And your vision of Heaven

Has now become clear

And there’s peace on the face

Of the man in the mirror

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