Who Is This Child

Verse 1

Who is this child that kings will bow to HIM on bended knee

Who is this child that angels sing HIS praise eternally

And the brightest star in the heavens guide the wise men to HIS feet

Who is this child on a bed of straw asleep


Who is this child that shepherds bow to HIM in silent prayer

Who is this child that offers hope and love beyond compare

And all the souls that have ever lived will proclaim HIM LORD

Who is this child giving peace as your reward



Rejoice, rejoice and praise HIS name

Our savior is born tonight

Who is this child, He’s the SON of GOD

Our Savior Jesus Christ


Verse 2


Who is this child that will give HIS life on a cross at Calvary

Who is this child that was born to die for a sinner such as me

And every sin will be bought and rest upon HIS head

Who is this child that brings eternal life instead


Repeat Chorus


© David Ayers / ASCAP   John Johnson / BMI

Windsor Forest Publishing / Manna White Music / ASCAP /

Asheville Music Publishing / Chris White Music / BMI

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