It’s My Father’s Pleasure

It’s My Father’s Pleasure

Regina Walden

Chris White Music / BMI Asheville Music Publishing / BMI /


It’s my father’s pleasure

Oh Lawdy now

It’s my Father’s pleasure

Oh truly now

It’s my Father’s pleasure

To take good care of you


Blessed is the servant of the Lord when he comes

Til then walk in truth having faith

A steward of His blessing no matter the sum

And you’ll be blessed beyond measure some day


Seek Ye first the kingdom make Him Lord of you life

Perfect love overcomes all fear

You cannot grow an inch with all your worry and your strife

Trust the Lord with ones you hold dear




Take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there

Safely resting in His providential care

Trust him with the saved the sick the blind and the lame

Who can be against you when you go in His name

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