Just A Boy On A Bus

Just a Boy on a Bus

Regina Walden

Asheville Music Publishing / BMI / Chris White Music / BMI


Standing by the roadside kicking in the dust

Every Sunday morning as he waited for the bus

He was just a bus kid, where’s his parents people thought

Teachers saw a difference in this child that they taught


They would all soon learn that they were sowing on good ground

He treasured every scripture as his teacher wrote them down

Someday he’d preach the Gospel all around the globe

Just a soul winning bus kid from down a dusty road



His journey led him far from the church where he was saved

Love planted and it’s clear to see the increase that God gave

He loved the Lord with all his heart and in Him he placed his trust

He grew to be God’s man from just a boy on a bus


He lined up the lawn chairs and pretended they were pews

He made a make shift pulpit sticks were all he had to use

He preached of hell and heaven as his momma watched him play

She never would forget what happened on that day


She listened through the window as tears filled her eyes

With convicting power he spoke the words of life

Her heart was truly broken and she knew that she was lost

God saved her soul from hell as her baby preached the cross

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