Daddy’s Lap

Daddy’s Lap

Dixie Phillips / Sharon Phillips

Asheville Music Publishing / BMI / Chris White Music / BMI



A little boy with treasure maps

And Spanish gold in gunny sacks

Loved to sail the Seven Seas

And when that pirate looked at me

I’d hug him and I’d say,

“If you ever lose your way,”



Turn around and backtrack

You are always welcome back

On Daddy’s lap, on Daddy’s lap

There’s always room,

Yes, there’s always room on Daddy’s lap



Ten years later that Buccaneer

Left his home and his momma’s tears

Set out on the wild seas

Living just as he pleased

Hee was tossed about,

‘Til a gentle voice called out,




And take one step forward and two steps back

Until you fall in Daddy’s lap





On Daddy’s lap

There’s always room

You are always welcome on Daddy’s lap

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