Only God Can Know

Only God Can Know

(Where The Blood Has Been Applied)



She never knew the joy of serving Jesus in this life

Facing death, her circumstances have already closed her eyes

Kneeling by her bedside, her Christian family cries

God if you can reach her now

Save her soul before she dies

Then that final moment comes

As she steps into the arms of eternity

And those inside that room

Are shrouded in the gloom of uncertainty



Only God Can know

Where the blood has been applied

Only He can see the soul and know

What’s happened down inside

When we all get to heaven

We might just be surprised

‘Cause only God can know

Where the blood has been applied



There will be a day of judgement

And we’ll enter in that gate

The Holy One will be the judge

And He won’t make one mistake





Writer: Daryl K. Williams

Publisher: Chris White Music / BMI

Asheville Music / BMI


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