Stopping Short of Canaan

Stopping Short of Canaan
Regina Walden / Asheville Music Publishing / BMI

First verse

They were sent to find the way to possess what lay ahead
Every tribe of Israel sent one man
God said trust me I’ll go with you but they doubted God instead
Israel stopped just short of blessed Canaan land

Go fourth my child and conquer every foe that you encounter
In the precious name of Jesus win the lost
There will be no trepidation in the midst of confrontation
No battle you can’t win behind the cross
If God’s people would let their thoughts digress
They’d remember how to use what they possess
To own the vict’ry promised move ahead and take your stand
Don’t stop just short of Canaan Land

Second Verse
Joshua and Caleb knew the challenges they faced
They knew that God had promised them the land
Seven times around the walls of Jericho they paced
Stopping short of Canaan wasn’t in the Masters plan

(Second or Third verse Option)
Faced with your own Jericho and walls that must come down
Knowing that it’s time to take a stand
Faith put into action brings results that will astound
Don’t give up till your possess that happy promised land

Every day I’m camping in the land of Canaan
And with rapture I surveyed the wondrous beauty grand
Glory Hallelujah I found the land of promise
I’m camping I’m camping in Canaan’s happy land

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