Clear The Stage For Jesus


Dixie Phillips, Sharon Phillips, Regina Walden

Asheville Music Publishing / Chris White Music / BMI


In the theater of my mind

Reruns play all the time

And I’m caught behind the curtain of my past,

But then another spotlight shines

On the Lamb of sacrifice

And He promises the hurts don’t have to last.



Clear the stage for Jesus

His blood has the power to free us

He turns bad beginnings 
Into happy endings

His miracles of grace

Still redeem and change

Every life that clears the stage for Jesus


Remove all doubts and fears

Shame cannot interfere

When we allow Jesus His rightful place

Defeat can’t wait in the wings

When the King comes on the scene

And we can’t help but offer Him all our praise



When we let Jesus take the lead,

Mercy covers all our mistakes

And we become His masterpiece

Our past is gone without a trace

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