The Ember

The Ember

Joshua Jordan, Phil Cross

I Thinking to a time you know when your heart your mind and soul Was thirsty for the Lord
Constant in His Holy Word hanging on the truth you heard
You longed to know Him more

Unashamed you shared your faith and you were unafraid You were a victor everyday


Remember the ember
The spark that lit the fire that
Burned in your soul
It wasnʼt long ago
Think back to the time you
Would have gave it all for the sake of the call To be someoneʼs light
Like a beacon in the night
Remember the ember



You know who you really are youʼve drifted very far
Away from everything
Left the fellowship divine thrown away your peace of mind Youʼre cold and wondering
Youʼre not frozen in a place stranded from His grace
You can rekindle with your faith


Chris White Music / BMI

Phil Cross Music / BMI

Asheville Music Publishing / BMI

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