Living In The Days Of Grace

Living In The Days of Grace

Regina Walden



Coming in perfection under the subjection

Of His loving Father He went

To the cross of Calvary where He freely gave me

Pardon from my every sin

Resurrection hour He arose with power

Over death Hell and the grave

In the dispensation of grace and salvation

Everlasting life He gave



I live in the grace of God by His Son who died for me

At Calvary shed His blood on the cruel rugged tree

Still flows a river there where Jesus truly took my place

I’m sainted by the Savior acquainted with His favor

Living in the days of grace



No longer am I hostage He broke the chains of bondage

When He set my soul to sore

Free from condemnation I’m a new creation

By the blood of Christ my Lord

I believe the story of His grace and glory

Every jot tiddle and space

He fulfilled the old and the new has now been told

We’re living in the days of grace

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