Take One Step Together

Bev Herrema and Lee Black

Asheville Music Publishing / Chris White Music (BMI) Christian Taylor Music (BMI)



You only know one thing about me

And based on that I’m ostracized

As if there’s nothing else of value

That might lie hidden deep inside

I’m just not worth your time

And you won’t cross that line but



Your silence is a shout I can’t ignore

And the things you whisper cut me to the core

There are no easy answers – and painful questions linger

But is there some way to take a step

Just one step together



There’s controversy in the papers

And careless comments in the home

Yet in the clash I’m still your neighbor

And this heart longs for you to know

Though It’s hard to understand

There’s more to me than that but



A step into the unknown

No map to show the way

A step that just might falter

Because we’re both afraid

A timid step toward healing

Though now we’re worlds apart

A path unseen, uncertain

But someone needs to start


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