Burden Lifter

© Debbie L Davis/Karen Gillespie


He’s a burden lifter, heavy load bearer

When the weight of the world gets you down

His yoke is easy and His burden’s light

He’s rest when trouble’s all around

He’ll trade your sorrow for His endless joy

He’s ready to deliver

So take your worries and all your cares

And give ‘em to the burden lifter


Verse 1

Sometimes you can’t see past your own eyes

But, nothing that you face in life

Can take Him by surprise

God has proven faithful to His word

So, lift your voice, call on His name

Cause every prayer is heard




Verse 2

You feel like you have chains around your feet

But, that’s just temporary

God wants you to be free

Shackles can be broken when you pray

So, lift your faith, start looking up

Cause, it could be today

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