Daughter Of The King

© Laura Blankenship/Debbie L Davis/BMI

Verse 1

She never had a daddy to hold her through her fears
No momma ever kissed her cheek or dried her painful tears
She was five years old the day the missionary came
And found her wand’ring helplessly by the muddy river bank

Verse 2

Her hair was coarse and matted, it never had been washed
Her flowered shirt was stained and torn, her feet were bare and scarred

The missionary reached for her and gently drew her near

Then picked her up and hugged her close to sing lightly in her ear


You’re a daughter of the King
Princess in His eyes
Beautiful to Him
Treasured in His sight
You are strong and you are brave
Wonderfully made
So, lift your head up high and boldly sing
You’re a daughter of the King

Verse 3
Twenty six years later, that orphan’s now a mom
Her little girl comes home from school and tries to hide her sobs
Feeling like she’s worthless, her mother draws her near
Whispers, “child, you are priceless” then sings softly  in her ear…

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