Just Enough Just In Time

Bernadette Negus  –  Karen Gillespie
Sunday Best Music, BMI  –  Asheville Music Publishing/Chris White Music (BMI)

Verse I:
All throughout the ages
Written in the Holy pages
God came through for His people
Time and time again
Trapped between the army and the red sea
God led His children all the way to victory
Calmed the storm on Galilee
Spoke Peace to the wind

He’s Just enough, Just in time, Every single time
He’s never early, never late
So leave your doubt behind
When you’re looking for a miracle
Trust Him and you’ll find
He’s just enough, just in time, Every single time

Verse 2:
Your desperate situation
May seem that God’s not listenin’
But He is right there waiting
For you to call His name
He is just about to make His entry
The stage is set and everything is ready
Don’t let go, don’t walk away
Hold on to your faith

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