In God I Will Trust

Karen Gillespie, Helga Kaefer & Carrie Moeller

Asheville Music Publishing/Chris White Music (BMI)–Ketone Songs (ASCAP)

He’s my redeemer
He is my rock
My savior, my healer
The Father who loves me no matter what

He’s my provider
And He’s more than enough
When my world is breaking, I won’t be shaken
In God I will trust

Verse I:
In a world that is constantly changing
And everybody’s going their own way
Trying to find the answers
To the problems that they face –
But true peace can only be found
In the presence of the Lord
He’s the firm foundation
For this generation
In Him I’m secure “cause”

Verse 11:
Sometimes I might be feeling
That all my hope is gone
The things that should be right in life
Are turning out all wrong
I can’t look at my circumstance
But to the One who hears me pray
He’s steady and faithful
Willing and able
I know He’ll make a way Cause

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