I Have A Past

Bev Herrema & Karen Gillespie (ASCAP) –

Asheville Music Publishing/Chris White Music (BMI)

Manna White Music / Windsor Forest Publishing (ASCAP)@ 2/26/16



I have a past, but I don’t live there anymore

Those doubts and fears

I gave them over to the Lord

When the enemy comes

I’ll leave him standing at the door

I have a past

But I don’t live there anymore



Sometimes I hear a voice speak to my mind

It says, you’ve really messed it up this time

Why keep trying, just give up

Don’t you think you’ve had enough

I send it on its way

‘Cause I don’t have to be afraid



So if you’re fighting painful memories

The walls are closin’ in and you can’t breathe

You can’t let it drag you down

Cause God has turned your life around

Mercy made a way

And it still covers you today  (You have a past)



I moved into a place called Grace

I moved into a place called Grace

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