You Saw Me

Bev Herrema & Karen Gillespie (ASCAP)  (BMI)  2/26/16

Asheville Music Publishing/Chris White Music



The world saw wood, and darkening skies

A mother’s tears, a prisoner’s eyes

They saw the spear –  the nails

And how evil had prevailed

But what they didn’t see

What they didn’t see



Is that You looked beyond the cross

To a greater cause

And you saw a desperate heart in need

Though the pain was deep

You suffered willingly

You looked beyond it all

And you saw me



Down through the course – of time and space

You saw through – the lens of grace

While others saw through worldly view

You saw what I could be in you

What they didn’t see

What they didn’t see



Help us see ourselves the way you see

Like you did that day at Calvary

At Calvary…..  (When you looked…)


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