Written by Matthew Lawson
Asheville Music Publishing, Chris White Music (BMI)

They led him out of prison to nail him to a cross
Disputed accusations for wrongs that he’d not done
The earth began to tremble and the ground began to shake
As he cried out “it is finished”, bowed his head and turned away

Days had passed and mary stood before a wall of stone
Remembering what jesus said, yet feeling all alone
But long about the third day just as hope began to fade
Death and hell were conquered when he stepped out of that grave

Hallelujah, jesus is alive
Hallelujah, forever death has died
There’s nothing left but grave clothes
In that tomb where He once laid
‘Cause when the savior calls you out
Stones get rolled away

Grave, where is your victory?
Death, where is your sting?
Crushed beneath the power
Of the blood of Calvary

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