Unmerited Grace

Verse One:

I was a sinner…so lost and undone

But I found forgiveness in God’s Holy Son

There on Mount Calv’ry, He suffered alone

No comfort was given…no mercy was shown.  (MOD)

Verse Two:

Mocked by the soldiers, He stayed on that tree

Lamb of redemption…my soul to retrieve

Now for His suff’ring, my life’s filled with joy

Love built a bridge where there once was a void.


I in myself bear the wounds of distress

But I in You, Lord, am eternally blessed

Sin and transgression shall find here no place

Deep in the fortress of unmerited grace.

Verse Three:

Debt of my trespass your blood satisfied

Where flows a river of love’s crimson tide

Mercy and favor I earnestly crave

By unmerited grace…I am pardoned…I’m saved!





Regina Walden (Chris White Music / Asheville Music Publishing/BMI

Dianne Wilkinson (Christian Taylor Music/BMI)

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