I Like To

Regina Walden

Asheville Music Publishing / BMI / Chris White Music / BMI

I like to talk how we talk when we talk about the voice of the Lord

I like to walk how we walk when we walk in the light of His word

I like to sing how we sing when we sing about our Heavenly home

I like to live like we live when we’re living out the life of His own


And that’s assurance that’s a fact a revelation to enact

That’s a practice to embrace that’s a promise of His grace

When I talk mmm when I walk mmm when I hear Him I love to know

I like to walk, talk, sing, live, and love Him from my heart and soul



I’d like to see what they saw when they saw Him part the deep blue sea

I’d like to say what He said when He said to them come unto Me

I’d like to hear what they heard when they heard Him preaching love here below

I like to know what I know for I know one day He made me whole


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