I Trust You With My Life

Regina Walden

Asheville Music Publishing / Chris White Music (BMI)



God told Noah to build an ark

So long so wide so deep

Rain had never fallen from the sky

But Noah still believed

The rains came God shut the door

The doubters were left behind

Noah lived the tell the story

Of the God who saved his life




I trust you Lord with every little thing

Through the peaks and the valleys You’re here

With me every waking moment

And in the night I know You’re near

Lead the way and I’ll keep walking

By faith and not by sight

From dusk till dawn till dusk till dawn

I trust You with my life



God told Moses to lead the way

To where the milk and honey flows

Lead My people to the promised land

And I’ll preserve your souls

There they followed cloud by day

And the fire led by night

They still own the land today

For they trusted with their lives

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