The Letters

Verse One:

Breathing out threats against disciples of the Lord

Paul requested letters knowing not what was in store

The priest gave him papers, just to validate

That Paul had the right to capture Christians on the way.     (MOD)


Verse Two:

But on Damascus Road, Paul had a change in plans

His heart and mind were different…touched by Jesus’ hand

Blinded by the light, yet guided by it, too

From a doubter to a witness when he saw what God could do!



From persecuting Christians to the preaching of the Cross

From letters filled with hate, to letters for the cause

Christ was crucified and died, and yet He lives again

Those letters changed from death to life once Paul had met this Man!


Verse Three:

After his conversion, he wrote letters to the Church

Teaching many lessons to the old and new converts

I study still today the Scriptures bound in leather

Paul wrote the Gospel story with a brand new set of letters!



From Romans to Galations through Ephesians and the rest

That great apostle tells us how to face each trial and test

His letters to the churches guide our churches of today

And proclaims that Jesus saves the lost, and there’s no other way!  (MOD)





Dianne Wilkinson Christian Taylor Music/BMI.

Regina Walden Chris White /Ashville Music Publishing/BMI

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