Nothing But


Asheville Music Publishing / Chris White Music (BMI)


I was torn it two, I was already dead

I was the prodigal at the end of myself

I couldn’t earn my way back in with an empty heart and these open hands

But someone made a way for me


See they call it good news when everything gets changed

When all you’ve done gets covered with amazing grace

I was lost as a soul could be, just drowning in my misery

But Jesus made a way for me!


What can make me whole again?

What can wash away every sin?

This is all my hope and confidence

I am free and I am found in this

Nothing but the blood of Jesus


Now, you may be lost; you may feel all alone

I wanna tell you, child, you can get back home

You may think you’re not enough, but wait until see the Savior’s love

So come one, Jesus gonna’ set you free

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