A Little More Church

Todd Wright

Asheville Music Publishing / Chris White Music (BMI)


Well, it’s easy to discouraged when you look at the world today

And you might think it would be much better if you could just get away

Angels singing and streets of gold, I wanna’ see it too

Until He comes, we got work to do


We need a lot more revival

We need a lotta jump and shout

We need some of that old time preaching

To tell us what it’s all about

We need more saints rising up

So the Gospel will be heard

What the world needs now is a little more church


Look around and see the world, people hurting everywhere

Let’s tell the truth and share the news how much Jesus cares

See when He comes, that glorious day, I’ll be going home

But I’m telling you now that I ain’t going alone


Good news, good news

Go and tell the world good news

It’s up to me, it’s up to you

Go and tell the world good news


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