Faith Starts Talking

Written by Michael Jason Frost

One day a man named Jairius stepped out on a mission
His one and only daughter lay in a dying condition
He sought a man named Jesus, one who healed, it was said
But by the time he found Him, that little girl was dead
Grief could not defeat him, for he stepped out on faith
He kept believing and praying for a miracle that day,
Then Jesus said wait a minute, I hear your faith talking
Jesus spoke the word, and that little girl stood up a-walking

When your faith starts talking, and Jesus takes control,
He speaks life to the lifeless, and peace to troubled souls,
Ask Him for a miracle, He will come a-knocking
Things begin to happen, when faith starts talking

The word spread about this man who bid the dead arise
A man who took away disease and open blinded eyes
Those who had been touched by him, they could not contain
the joy that overcame them, when they called upon His name
At the sound of his voice, even death has to flee,
All these things are written, so that we might believe
So call out to Jesus, you will surely be heard
Then just stand back, keep the faith, and let Him speak the word

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