I Will Fly

Written by Nathan Markee


When an Eagle it is tethered it always reaches for the sky

And before I met the Savior, like that Eagle such was I

But then I found the Lord and He broke all my chains

Now I’m always flying upward, my life’s forever changed



And I will fly like an Eagle to the sky

No longer am I tethered but free, free am I

Oh I will soar bound no more

He set me free; no I can see I will fly



Like a bird when it is wounded and it has a broken wing

My life has been so shattered and full of broken things

Right now it seems that I won’t fly anymore

But the Master Healer’s working and soon again I’ll soar



Oh I will mount up with wings like an Eagle

And set a course directly to the sky

I will leave this old world far behind me

And up and away I will fly, I will fly


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