Come Home Come Back

Written by Ruth Brimm


Verse 1
Like the prodigal son the father’s house seemed empty
But the world that was around looked green and full of plenty
So you left the peace of home, for new places now to roam
But they’ve left you cold and longing for just a glimpse of home

Come home, come back,
The shepherds calling you he has left the nine and ninety
To round up the wondering few
For the night will soon be settled, and the fold will go on home
He calls one last time in mercy come on home

Verse 2:
When you left the fold you never meant to be absent for so long
Just a few short days, fun and games to play,
Then your wondering would be done
But time has slipped away,
Still you haven’t prayed sin has bound for you so long
The father steps out calling its not to late to come on home


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