Come and See


Written by Ray Scarbrough



I’m a dusty ol bowl

full of divots & holes

with no prestige at all.

No glimmer or glittz.

No puttin’ on the ritz.

Nothin’ notable for folks to recall.

Timid & meek

were the names of my streets

Til Jesus started hanging around.

Even if your name is Nazareth

God can bring a savior to town.



Is there any good thing that can come outta me.

Come & see.

It ain’t me.

come & see.

Can I leave a mark on this world’s history

Come & see,

It ain’t me.

Come & see.



In the heat of the day

I was making my way

to Jacob’s well alone.

When there sat a man

w/ no bucket in hand

a stranger, a jew unknown.

He said give me a drink

& he gave me a wink

& offered my soul a sip

I dropped my bucket & ran

yelling Come see a man

who gave me life eternal with it.


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