Don’t Be Afraid

Written by Ray Scarbrough


Mary came looking for Jesus bearing an ointment & spice.
What was the need in her living when Jesus had given his life.
She met whom she thought the gardener. And what to her wonderous suprise.
For there in Gethsemane‘s garden, her Savior spoke Mary it’s I.Chorus

Don’t be afraid… The master is here.
Don’t be dismayed, There’s no need for fear.
We’ll bury your worry & your strife,
start a new day, begin a new life.
Your Jesus has risen from the grave.
Don’t be afraid.2nd

Often I’ve walked through the graveyard of heartache, trouble & strife.
Ruined from some inner struggle, finding no meaning to life.
Yet always I hear the kind whisper of the stranger from Gethsemane.
He says all of your graves have been conquered, come closer & listen to me.
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