Don’t Send Him Away


Written by Ray Scarbrough

Deep within the ruins Pilate’s hall
lies a memory of regret.
Pilate tumed away from the Savior
with his hands still dripping wet.
Well I’ve heard for years
he was crazy with tears.
And he died in his bed & insane.
I can’t help but feel
that if Pilate were here;
This is what he’d have to say…

Don’t send him away…
Rejection has a price that you can’t afford to pay.
You can try to wash your filth
in the basin of guilt,
But your sin is gonna catcha’ someday.
Don’t send him away.

Deep within the ruins of someone’s heart
the ghost of Pilate’s walkin’ about.
Someone’s face to face to the Savior.
And you’re feelin’ fear & doubt.
Well today is your day.
Please don’t squander away
the chance to weigh the good & the bad.
Pilate would give anything to relieve.
And would gladly take the chance that you have.


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