Find a Rock

Written by Ray Scarbrough


Come on John & Peter.
James you can come too.
We need to go to the garden,
a place we can lay down our blues.
My heart is full of trouble.
I’m going a stones throw away.
A rock’s gonna be my altar
where I can fall down there & pray.

We need to find ourselves a rock
we need to get away;
Find ourselves a rock
oh how we need to pray;
Lord only your will is on our thoughts.
It sure does help a lot….It sure does hit the spot;
When we find ourselves a rock.

Each of us has a garden,
a private Gethsemane.
We call it the Holy of holies,
a place we petition our needs.
When our hearts are troubled
& we’re feeling all alone.
The blessed Rock of Ages
is an excellent altar of stone.


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