For the Children

Written by Ray Scarbrough


He’s working 56 hours a week
just to bring home the family bread.
His body is tired & his spirit is weak,
but he’s making the perfect dad.
Mom’s in the kitchen she’s slaving away
just to make sure the family’s fed.
With a tear in her eye & love in her heart,
she’s singing & here’s what she says.

I’m doing it for the children.
I’m doing it for them all.
So they can have life more abundant.
So they can stand proud & tall.
When they grow old & feeble
I hope they remember when
I did it for love.
I did for it for life.
I’m doing it all for them.

At a lonely place called Calvary’s hill
God sent his dear Son there to die.
They laughed & mocked at his painful ordeal
As God’s sadness blackened the sky.
Just as the Father was turning away
The angel’s all sigh, your son’s dead.
With a tear in his eye & love in his heart,
God turned to the angels & said, (bridge)
Oh I remember when
We used to walk in the cool of the day.
I’ll do whatever it takes just to save man.
Whatever it costs I’ll pay.

(repeat chorus)


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