Give My Life for Others

Written by Ray Scarbrough


On his way up to Calvary’s Hill
certain women were crying
while their master was dying.
Through his pain Jesus found a thrill.
A certain excitement & a certain delightment.
He said daughters please don’t weep for the things you see.
I‘m dying for your children & it’s bringing joy to me.

I’ve got to give my life for others.
Lay it all down for my sisters & brothers.
There’s no greater love than to die for another.
Give my life for others.

Everyone has a cross to bare.
lt’s a burdensome act
& a matter of fact.
Can’t you see we’ve been called to share,
Share the love that’s within
that saves others from sin.
If we follow Christ that‘s just the way that it is.
We sacrifice ourselves & we give & give & give.
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