Gone Fishin’

Previously recorded by the Palmetto State Quartet.


Written by Ray Scarbrough

Peter arrived in Capemaum
& he made his way into his house.
After a long day of fishin’
he walked in & talked to his spouse.
He said l met a man who’s amazing.
He forgave me of all of my sin.
I’ve decided to hang up my fish nets.
‘Cause he’s made me a fisher of men.

I’m gone fishin’ without a rod & reel or a pole.
Oh yes I’m gone fishin’ & I’m lookin’ for souls.
I’m gone huntin’ without a rifle or gun.
Well I’m lookin’ for sinners
& I’m gonna find one.
Well it scares me to death
that someone will be left awishin’.
Dont’cha know I’m gone fishin‘

Well I’ve had my fill of my old job;
more time in my office than home.
I’m no richer than I was ten years ago
& my fingers are worked to the bone.
Well there‘s a whole world of people a-dyin’.
And it’s my job to welcome them in.
I’ve decided to follow Jesus,
’cause he’s made me a fisher of men.


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