He’s Not There

Written by Ray Scarbrough


She’d been to the tomb bright & early & discovered that Jesus was gone.
Then she found John & the others locked up afraid & alone.
She said I know how you feel my brothers. I too was there when he died.
But I’ve seen the grave clothes & napkin. I tell you my Savior’s alive.

He’s not there.
He’s better than ever & living forever.
He’s not there.
Go search through the graveyard
you won’t find him anywhere.
Oh no, he’s not there.

We laid out the suit for our father. Our daddy was going away.
We chose the casket & marker & properly prepared the grave.
I took my place by his body longing to look in his eyes.
I missed him so much already. Then suddenly I realized.

I’m longing & waiting for rapture, the great caravan for the soul.
After my blessed departure death & the grave’s sure to know.


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