Hope’s Harbor

Previously recorded by the Palmetto State Quartet.


Written by Ray Scarbrough

Life is like a sea that is tossin’ constantly,
It‘s a wild & troubled ride.
The storm attacks the sail & the rain seems to avail;
Lightning cracks across the sky.
But our hope is over yonder where the church will never wander
in a port of endless peace.
At a pier known as Be Still the waves obey the Master’s will.
And the wind will have to cease.

Hope’s harbor…
Soon we will embark;
Into hope’s harbor
where the Son conquers the dark.
We‘lI keep an eye upon the compass
as we sail toward heaven’s shore.
Hopelessness meets happiness
in hope’s harbor.

Our vessel faces trouble. Simple sailing is a trouble.
We assume we’re going down.
Our stern is cut asunder & our helm is going under.
Without hope we’ll surely drown.
If we can ride out til’ tomorrow
do our best to bail out sorrow;
Soon we’ll rest without a care.
We will dock our boats into a harbor made of hope.
And we’ll drop our anchor there.


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