Room 316

There’s a light on in room three sixteen at the Pineview Motel and Cafe

You can pay by the week or you can pay by the month but most here just pay once a day

There’s a half empty bottle on the stand by the bed and a bible in the first drawer

In the chair there’s a sign that says homeless and tomorrow he’ll hold it once more


By morning the bottle is as empty as the pockets in his ragged old jeans

So he’ll go out once more, to try and make sure there’s a bottle in room three sixteen

He came home from a war but the war didn’t end he fought the battle each night

So he chose ninety proof over family and friends and now he’s losing the fight


So he stands on the curb with his sign and his can that he hopes you’ll fill up with your change

Then he’ll go to the store to purchase once more a bottle for room three sixteen


Yesterday he came into that room with his bottle like always before

But he didn’t open that bottle this time he opened the drawer


Down on his knees in an old rented room tears fell as he knelt by the bed

The bottle couldn’t hold him like it did before cause this time he chose Jesus instead


And now three sixteen is different it don’t mean the same as before

It’s more than a room in a motel or a number that hangs on a door

And his voice doesn’t tremble and his hands they don’t shake

Cause in a moment he was made clean

All because of a chapter and verse and a bible in room three sixteen

Yeah he met that Man on the cross cause there’s a bible in room three sixteen


For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son

That whosoever believeth in Him should not perish but have everlasting life

Yeah there’s a bible in room three sixteen

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