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We at Chris White Music know that every great recording starts with great songs. We strive to provide a site where you the artist can browse in our catalog of music and find that perfect song to make your recording the best it can be. Now updated with an emphasis on the best songs that we can provide from some of the best writers in gospel music. Let us introduce you to just a few of our family of writers, along with their ideas behind their songs.

Daryl Williams

What’s Going On At The Well: A few weeks ago, the Youth Leader from our church stopped by for a visit. My 13 year old son, who is in his youth group, has informed me that Bro. Matt is the best Youth Leader anywhere. I know that Matt has gotten my son very excited about serving God, but this particular morning, Bro. Matt set me on fire a little bit too. He began talking about what he had taught the youth group that week from John, chapter 4. That is the familiar story about the Women At The Well. And usually when the story is told, the woman is the focus of what was happening there. But Bro. Matt saw it differently that day and focused on what was going on with the disciples instead. They were with the Bread of Life, Jesus himself. And Jesus could meet any need they had. But when they got hungry, Jesus sat down by Jacob’s well. The disciples decided to leave Him there by Himself while they went into town to buy food. It wasn’t a sin to do it. They were hungry. But by walking away from Jesus to meet their fleshly need of the moment, they almost missed one of the most spectacular “spiritual” moments in all of the Bible. Jesus was ministering someone they didn’t even think could be saved. The disciples got back from town just in time to see what was going on at the well. Bro. Matt told me that he instructed the kids that week “don’t miss what’s going on at the well”. When he left that morning, all I could think of was, “I don’t want to miss what’s going on at the well either!” I wrote the chorus of this song that day, and the verses the following morning. I don’t ever want to get so caught up in the daily routine of things that I miss what’s happening at the WELL!

Mark BishopMark Bishop

One Drop Of Blood Became A River: This song tells such a powerful story.  You guys know that I love to tell stories in my songs!  I wish that I could have released this as a radio single so more people would have heard it, but we ran out of time.  Someone needs to make this a hit!

Dixie and Sharon Phillips

Two Perfect Hands: Dixie and Sharon Phillips share a lot of things in common. First of all, they share the same last name. That’s because they are married to brothers, both of whom are pastors. Both sisters-in-law have been in fulltime ministry for more than 30 years, and share an appreciation for the “gift” they possess for writing Gospel music. Their song “Hidden Heroes” won the Grand Prize in the 2012 Singing News/ Solid Gospel Songwriters Search. The duo’s song “Two Perfect Hands” was written after Dixie visited with a friend who loved to win at cards, but couldn’t understand how Jesus’ death on the Cross was relevant today. Dixie prayed for a creative way to share the gospel with her and penned the lyrics of “Two Perfect Hands” and sent them to Sharon. In a few days Sharon had a beautiful tune and recorded a scratch demo. Dixie shared the song with her friend, and was thrilled when she finally understood how Jesus’ two perfect hands were nailed to the Cross for her sins.

Ray Scarbrough

We’ll Meet Again: As a writer, I reckon the greatest honor I’ve ever received was a 30 second glance at a photo taken of a head stone. The epithet read “We’ll Meet Again,” last wish of a dying daughter. It was her favorite song.

Regina Walden

By Grace: Being raised in a Christian home and being saved at a young age, I believe I took a lot for granted. When I had a crisis or a triumph I always looked to God. But it wasn’t until I lost my Mom in 1990 that I truly began to understand God’s grace. Then in 2007 my Dad came home from Florida where he preached during the winter every year. He went to see his Dr because he was losing weight. He was diagnosed with cancer and fought a good fight until the end of 2012. During this time I wrote “By Grace” for my Dad. I watched God’s grace embrace my Father all through his battle with cancer. I never told my Dad but my fear was that he would be in pain or afraid. A few days before he passed, he called me to his bed, looked me straight in the eye and said “I’m in no pain and I’m not afraid”. It was as if the Holy Spirit was calming my fears. My soul was leaping with joy. This confirmation of God’s mercy forever settled in my heart that we live, love, and die by grace.

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