Peace That Passes Understanding

The Peace That Passes Understanding

Karen Gillespie-Asheville Music Publishing/Chris White Music (BMI)

Adina Bowman-HabeHolt Music Publishing (BMI) 3/2016


Verse I:

There’s a calm in the chaos

When the world is closing in

There’s a hedge of protection

So no matter where you’ve been

With open arms He’s waiting

To shelter and to guide

So when life overwhelms you

You have a place to hide – hide in



The peace that passes understanding

The peace that passes understanding

Is with you today

So don’t you be afraid

Hold to the peace that passes understanding


Verse II:

When the fear of failure

And doubt won’t let you go

Remember Jesus loves you

Much more than you know

And don’t forget His promise

That He will never leave

You’ll always find Him faithful

To be everything you need – you need



In that unexpected moment

When all you know is shaken

Still you have an anchor

You are not forsaken

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